Thank You and Farwell…

Thank You and Farewell…

To our beloved French Medi-Spa Clients and Community,

it is with heavy hearts that we have made the decision to close our French Medi-Spa treatment rooms, effective from April 2022.

The French Beauty Academy has been the leading beauty education provider in Australia for over 35 years and our business decision has been driven from our core goal to continue to focus on, evolve and innovate our educational offerings.

We opened the French Medi-Spa in 2017 and it has been a privilege to understand the unique opportunities and challenges being an industry provider in the rapidly evolving world of aesthetics and anti–aging brings, as well as provide an employment pathway for graduates of beauty.

We are deeply grateful to each and everyone of our MediSpa clients, for your business and loyalty. It has been an absolute pleasure for us to help you on your mission to become “ comfortable in your own skin”.

You can still visit The French Beauty Academy for Student Training Treatments and skin and beauty pampering!