Hyaluronic Acid may sound like a scary word, but trust us it’s far from scary, in fact you may even want to become best friends with Hyaluronic Acid! Why? Let’s take a look at all the amazing benefits and facts about HA!

– Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that is naturally found in our skin.

– It holds up to a thousand times its weight in water, which is how it retains moisture in our skin and also in our joints.

– HA prevents the moisture in our skin from evaporating into the air.

– Like the collagen and elastin in our skin, HA decreases in our skin as we get older which is why our skin becomes a lot drier and doesn’t retain as much moisture.

– HA helps to visibly plump the skin, give it more moisture and help it look more dewy.

– Ways to stimulate HA in our bodies can be significantly improved by diet, including eating lots of fruit and vegetables with a high antioxidant content as this helps to protect the skin, reduce inflammation and retain the HA.

– With the right grade of HA in skincare, it will bring moisture to the surface of the skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day.

– HA Improves skin elasticity.

– Injectables such as juvaderm and restalin, are gel forms of HA to add volume into the skin.

So what treatments at The French Medi-Spa focus on the rebuild and stimulation of HA?

A Sonopheresis (vitamin infusion) with a HA serum infused into the skin, (which helps to increase the product by up to 200% more than applying it topically) can be added to any treatment as a booster. This is especially beneficial when combined with a Skin Needling treatment. Another great booster add on for a hit of HA is our Collagen Sheet Masks with Vitamin B3 and of course Hyaluronic acid!
Both our Ultra calming facials and Red Carpet facial include high amounts of HA!

Interested in boosting some HA into your next treatment? Talk to your Therapist about how!

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