About Epiblading

Are you tired of microdermabrasion? Take your skin to the next level with this exciting new form of clinical exfoliation allowing your skin to absorb 80% more active cosmeceuticals for exceptional skin results! This is the perfect (pain-free) deep skin exfoliation and skin pick me up. During this non-invasive facial treatment, a surgical blade is worked over the face on a 45-degree angle removing the outer layers of dead skin and fine vellus hairs (peach fuzz) resulting in a perfectly smooth, luminous and fuzz-free complexion without having to worry about it growing back thick and prickly. This treatment can be used to treat a number of conditions including dry, dull or rough skin, acne and congestion, superficial pigmentation, fine lines and allows for better absorption of skin care products. You’ll enjoy our signature relaxation touches, scalp love and finishing cosmeceutical products.

What you can expect in your treatment

Your skilled therapist will apply a surgical blade at the appropriate angle to slowly and very gently remove the outer layers of dead skin for the ultimate exfoliation. With this advanced technique, you will notice that the blade is able to remove any fine soft hairs leaving your skin addictively smooth. We find clients fall in love with this treatment and won’t turn back to traditional microdermabrasion treatments!

Our recommended treatment plan for best results 

Treatments are recommended every 4 weeks to achieve best results which can be part of your ongoing treatment plan to complement your skin journey and transformation.

Expected results

Exfoliation results last for 4-6 weeks and the peach fuzz will usually begin to return in that timeframe.  Regular ongoing treatments will maintain and encourage the skin to constantly produce fresh new layers also resulting in better amounts of collagen and elastin. This ensures the complexion is maintained and allows for a more youthful, fresh and restored skin.

Treatment price

Full face: $119 / 60mins

How to look after your skin pre and post facial

Epiblading can be performed on a range of skin types (fair to darker skins). It is a safe and effective treatment  to have if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This treatment is not suitable for clients who are using oral or topical acne treatments or Roaccutane in the last 6 months, have been on antibiotics during the last 2 weeks, are currently experiencing open wounds, infections, rosacea, psoriasis or dermatitis in the area to be treated.
Keep the skin well hydrated and protected from the sun using SPF 50+ and active cosmeceuticals can be reintroduced to the skin 5 days post treatment.  Avoid hot showers and heat induced activities for 48 hours and refrain from touching the skin.

Supercharge your facial

LED Light Therapy  $39 (normally $79)
LED Light therapy uses the visible light spectrum to target specific skin layers and cells depending on your skin condition and concerns. LED can rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production, improve circulation, cellular metabolism, pigmentation and can even destroy P.acnes bacteria within skin follicles. Relax and unwind with a beautifully relaxing scalp massage while the LED light works it’s magic!

Extractions $20
Using extraction tools, our therapists will gently remove pustules, comedones, milia and alleviate skin blockages.

Cosmedix Restore Mask $25

Restore the skin with vital moisture,  vitamins and essential fatty acids to help promote water retention and proper lipid balance. This ultra-moisturising mask visually plumps the skin to help smooth out wrinkles and refine skin texture. The result is a healthier looking complexion and skin that feels softer and revitalised.

Hyaluronic & Collagen Gel Mask  $30
This concentrated gel mask infused with hyaluronic acid and collagen, works incredibly well to smoothe, hydrate, plump and restore skin making you look and feel younger in just 15 minutes! You will notice a visible difference in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles instantly, a great addition to any of our incredible treatments.

Vitamin infusion $30
Finish your treatment with an active cosmeceutical infusion combined with the use of soundwaves, this modality creates vital microchannels through the skin cells and layers ensuring that your serums travel to your live skin cells so that cellular change can occur. An excellent addition to target specific skin concerns such as breakout, ageing, pigmentation or sensitivity.

French Illuminate Alginate Rubber Mask $35
This revitalising alginate rubber setting mask is formulated with age defying and moisture binding ingredients to instantly soothe post treatment skin for a visibly softer and smoother appearance. Alginate masks are a natural beauty treatment that provides a fast and impressive result, minimising fine wrinkles, tightening skin, increasing elasticity, leaving feeling fresh, supple and radiant.

Hand or Foot Love $25
Soothe the soul and re-energise with an ancient spa ritual designed to help heal the body and mind. Using essential oils and releasing pressure points and tension, your therapist’s healing touch will help restore mind and body balance. 

Peptide Eye Gel Mask $25
Eye Peptide Gel Mask is a unique formulation of peptide plant stem cells and potent anti-aging ingredients that are activated by the skins temperature to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plump, nourish and restore the youthfulness around the delicate and often dehydrated eye area.

Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel $39

Formulated to increase radiance and combat dehydration and dullness, this peel treats the skin at a superficial level with potent antioxidants (like pomegranate seed oil) to target superficial sun damage and discolouration, while gently stimulating collagen production. The perfect pick-me-up for all skin types, conditions and concerns, your skin will be left radiant, renewed and glowing.